Since 1987 Phoenix Systems has been
a leader in providing cutting edge technology to its clientele.
About Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems is recognized and established as a leader in the custom audio and video industry.   Since 1987, providing cutting edge technology solutions to our clients has always been a top priority of our company.   We work closely with leading architects, builders and interior designers to ensure that every project meets our clients satisfaction. we go beyond the usual concept and design with our innovative, out-of-the box thinking to create an outstanding audio video experience.

In-House Technical Services

Unlike conventional audiovisual firms, Phoenix does not outsource the critical technical aspects of your project. Our in-house, CTS Certified design, engineering, installation, service and sales specialists allow us to deliver genuine single-source responsibility. This enables us to closely monitor and seamlessly control every detail from planning through final audiovisual installation, including all technical aspects, engineering, drafting, documentation and control system programming. The result: clients receive the highest functionality for the lowest cost.

Audiovisual Consultation

Retaining a qualified systems designer at the planning stage of an audio/video system installation is critical if the desired results are to be attained. A Project Designers job is to help you determine your needs and the options available to fulfill those needs. Each project is different, each individuals entertainment needs are different, and budgets vary. At Phoenix Systems, we ensure that you get exactly what you want. Our consultations include the following: Discuss and review your needs and preferences, discuss budget requirements, analyze the type of home or office construction, determine accessibility for wire routing, assess existing equipment and wiring for potential integration into the new system, examine each room to maximize audio and video placement, evaluate room size and seating to determine appropriate locations for audio, video and control components, analyze the need and benefits of a control system. From this information, we will present you with a proposal designed to provide you with the best performing technology solutions at any budget.

Service Maintenance

Proper servicing and regular maintenance of your AV system is essential to keep everything running as it should. A manufacturer warranty is important, but doesn't cover system troubleshooting, removing malfunctioning equipment, re-installing equipment after repair or routine audio video equipment maintenance. We repair and maintain any audio visual system regardless of who designed or installed it.

Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

As an independent audiovisual design build firm, we are not allied with any single manufacturer or brand. We make equipment selections based solely on what is best for your project. This independence allows us to choose from the entire spectrum of proven audiovisual components and equipment. As corporate competition intensifies and the pace of technology quickens, Phoenix is increasingly called on by architects, designers, builders and commercial enterprises to deliver comprehensive audiovisual solutions.

Audiovisual Services

At Phoenix Systems LLC, we look at the Audiovisual environment as a whole and adapt the latest technology & equipment to best meet our clients needs. Careful planning and detailed installation by our team of industry certified Audio Visual Integrators along with efficient communication throughout the project life cycle are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. By listening to our clients goals and carefully coordinating with architects, engineers, and other commercial construction trades, our professional Audio Visual installations provide consistent results and exceed expectations.

Audiovisual Design Build

Installation and Design go hand in hand, but not all companies specialize in design, installation, and integration. As a total solution company, we design, sell, install, and integrate custom systems that are tailored to your needs. Focusing on your objectives, we'll work with you to design the most suitable and cost effective solutions for your particular project or installation.
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